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(国网漳州供电公司,福建 漳州 363000)
    摘 要:根据电力系统功率不一定只通过最短路径流动的思想,提出了一种基于线路流过的最大功率流的中心性指标识别方法。该方法在考虑物理连接拓扑特性的同时,还考虑了系统的电气特性,把导纳矩阵作为网络的权值,建立电力系统的有向模型,计算网络最大流,通过中心性指标来识别网络的脆弱线路。以IEEE39节点系统作为算例,并通过PSAT 软件进行时域仿真,验证了辨识线路的有效性。
    中图分类号:TM711     文献标识码:A     文章编号:1007-3175(2019)02-0025-04
Vulnerability Analysis of Power Grid Based on Maximum Flow Centrality Index
ZHU Xi, LIN Yi-bin, CHEN Shao-fang
(State Grid Zhangzhou Power Supply Company, Zhangzhou 363000, China)
    Abstract: According to the thought that the power might not necessarily flow only through the shortest path, this paper proposed a kind of centrality indexidentification method based on maximum power flow through the circuits. This method considered not only the physical connection topological property, but also the system electrical specification, took the admittance matrix as the weight of network, built the directed model of power system and calculated the maximum flow of network. The centrality index was used to identify the vulnerability circuit of network. Taking IEEE39 node system for example, this paper carried out time-domain simulation to verify the validity of identification circuit.
    Key words: power system; maximum flow; centrality index
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