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(1 国网苏州供电分公司,江苏 苏州 215008;2 苏州安赛电力科技有限公司,江苏 苏州 215021)
    摘 要:针对配电站室传统人工巡视所存在的现场问题,提出优化定位算法,拓展连续定位的可行性,并结合自助式纠偏新方法,保障配电站室智能巡检轨迹控制的可靠性与便利性。通过可视化辅助诊断新方案,融合生产业务,验证捕获信息的完整性与可信性,适应配电站室多视角、多样性观测信息的新需求,为配电智能巡检新技术发展提供了示范应用。
    中图分类号:TM641     文献标识码:A     文章编号:1007-3175(2019)03-0017-06
Research and Practice Based on New Technology of Intelligent Inspection in Distribution Station
LYU Pei-qiang1, ZHU Xiao-ming1, CHEN Hui1, YANG Qi-ming1, SONG Guo-liang2
(1 State Grid Suzhou Power Supply Company, Suzhou 215008, China;2 Suzhou Easun Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd, Suzhou 215021, China)
    Abstract: Aiming at the site problem existing in the traditional manual inspection of power distribution station, this paper proposed the algorithm of optimized positioning to expand the feasibility of continuous positioning and combined with the new self-service rectifying method to guarantee the reliability and convenience of intelligent inspection trajectory control in distribution station. Through the new scheme of visual auxiliary diagnosis, the product service was mixed together to verify the integrity and credibility of captured information, adaptable to the new requirements of multi-perspective and diversity observation information, which provides the referential demonstration and application for the technology development of distribution intelligent inspection.
    Key words: distribution station; intelligent patrol; intelligent recognition; pilot application
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