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浅析GB/T 20840.3与IEC 61869-3的技术差异

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浅析GB/T 20840.3与IEC 61869-3的技术差异
(1 国家智能电网输配电设备质量监督检验中心,广东 东莞 523325;2 广州粤能电力科技开发有限公司,广东 广州 510080)
    摘 要:目前我国按国际新标准体系对互感器国家标准进行了调整。为了帮助相关技术人员更好地了解电磁式电压互感器的国家标准与国际标准间的差异,阐述了GB/T 20840.3 标准与IEC 61869-3 标准之间的技术差异,给出了相应技术性分析,对各部分的修改原因进行了解释,并解读了技术差异所带来的影响,可供相关技术人员参考。
    关键词:GB/T 20840.3;IEC 61869-3;标准差异;电压互感器
    中图分类号:TM451     文献标识码:A     文章编号:1007-3175(2020)09-0058-03
Technical Differences Between Standard GB/T 20840.3 and IEC 61869-3
FU Yong-he1, HUANG Chao1, LIN Zhan-hong2
(1 China National Quality Supervision and Testing Center for Medium and Low Voltage Transmission and Distribution
Products, Dongguan 523325, China;2 Guangzhou Yueneng Power Technology Development Co., Ltd, Guangzhou 510080, China)
    Abstract: At present, Chinese adjusted the national standards for transformers in accordance with the new international standard system. In order to help relevant technicians to better understand the differences between the national and international standards for electromagnetic voltage transformers, the technical differences between the GB/T 20840.3 standard and the IEC 61869-3 standard are explained, and the corresponding technical analysis is given. The reasons for the modification of each part are explained, and the impact of technical differences is interpreted, which can be used for reference by relevant technical personnel.
    Key words: GB/T 20840.3; IEC 61869-3; standard differences; voltage transformer
[1] 全国互感器标准化技术委员会. 互感器 第3 部分:电磁式电压互感器的补充技术要求:GB/T 20840.3—2013[S]. 北京:中国标准出版社,2014:22-24.
[2] International Electrotechnical Commission. Instrument transformers-Part3:Additional requirements for inductive voltage transformers:IEC 61869-3:2011[S].Geneva:IEC,2011:4.
[3] 全国高电压试验技术和绝缘配合标准化技术委员会. 绝缘配合 第1 部分:定义、原则和规则:GB/T311.1—2012[S]. 北京:中国标准出版社,2013:17.