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(金川集团股份有限公司,甘肃 金昌 737100)
    摘 要:为弥补传统电力变压器在智能电网中的不足,基于电力电子技术的电力电子变压器 (Power Electronic Transformer,PET) 得到人们的大量关注。介绍了目前国内外 PET 相关的主要技术,对 PET 拓扑结构做了对比与分析。经分析讨论认为,配电网中 PET 的拓扑结构应当根据实际情况灵活配置,模块化多电平变流器型三级拓扑结构兼具结构简单和易于扩展的优点,是值得推广的一种拓扑结构。三级型电力电子变压器拓扑结构既可以实现传输功率的可控目标,又可以为分布式电源和直流负荷提供方便的接口,是 PET 未来的发展方向。指出多样化的功能和灵活的控制特性使得电力电子变压器在未来配电网中的应用具有广阔的发展空间。
    中图分类号:TM41     文献标识码:A     文章编号:1007-3175(2021)07-0005-07
Review of Power Electronic Transformer Applied in Distribution Network
ZHANG Zai-mei, LIU Yan
(Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd, Jinchang 737100, China)
    Abstract: In order to compensate deficiencies of traditional power transformers in smart grids, power electronic transformers (PET) based on power electronic technology have received a lot of attention. In this paper, the main relevant technologies of PET have been introduced,and its topological structures have been compared and analyzed. After the analysis and discussion, it is concluded that PET topological structures of the distribution grid should be equipped flexibly according to the reality. The three-state topology of modular multilevel converter has advantages both of simple structure and great expansion consequently worthy promoting. The three-state topology of power electronic transformer not only manages to control transmission power, but also provides flexible interfaces for distributed generations and DC loads,which conforms to the developing trend of PET. In conclusion, PET will be applied extensively to the distribution grid in the future because
of its various functions and flexible controlling.
    Key words: distribution grid; power electronic transformer; topology; key technology
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