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张军海,莫向松,郭敬旺, 叶彪
(广州市一变电气设备有限公司,广东 广州 511450)
    摘 要:随着电力变压器新版能效标准于 2021 年 6 月 1 日起正式实施,如何降低变压器的损耗成为各生产厂家面临的主要课题。研发中首次使用宝武钢铁公司生产的低损耗 B20R065 硅钢片,通过电磁计算、结构设计、工艺制造等一系列的保障措施,试制出 SB20-M-2500/10.5 新 2 级能效低噪音节能环保叠铁心变压器,并通过型式试验验证了技术方案的可行性。
    中图分类号:TM411     文献标识码:A     文章编号:1007-3175(2021)09-0028-06
R&D of Energy-Saving Low-Noise and Environment-Protection
Transformer Meets New Level-2 Standard
ZHANG Jun-hai, MO Xiang-song, GUO Jing-wang, YE Biao
(Guangzhou Yibian Electric Equipment Co., Ltd, Guangzhou 511450, China)
    Abstract: As the latest version of energy efficiency standard for power transformers comes into effect officially on June 1st, 2021, loss reducing of transformers becomes a major issue for manufacturers. In this research and development, the low-loss B20R065 silicon steel manufactured by Baowu Steel Group is used for the first time. Followed by a series of supporting measures, namely electromagnetic calculation,structural design and process manufacturing, an advanced laminated core transformer is designed, which is energy-saving, low-noise and environment-protection and meets the new level-2 standard of SB20-M-2500/10.5. Finally, this design scheme is verified to be feasible by the type test.
    Key words: transformer; energy efficiency; laminated core
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