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(南京供电公司,江苏 南京 210019) 

摘 要: 为更真实地模拟风电场的实际运行情况,在充分考虑风电机组停运的气候相依性、尾流效应以及不同型号风机对风电场可靠性的影响情况下,基于通用生成函数方法建立了风电场的可靠性模型,引入并计算了新的风电场可靠性指标,将其结果与Monte Carlo 方法进行比较,验证了所提方法的准确性,为风电场的规划和并网运行提供了新的思路。
关键词: 通用生成函数;风电场;可靠性模型
中图分类号:TM614 文献标识码: A 文章编号:1007-3175(2014)11-0006-05

Study on Reliability Model of Large-Scale Wind Farm 

ZHU Hong, ZHOU Dong-xu, LUO Xing 
(Nanjing Power Supply Company, Nanjing 210019, China) 

Abstract: In order to truly analog the actual operation conditions of wind farm and in full consideration of wind power generation forced outage caused by weather effect, wake effects and different types of wind power generation with impacts conditions on wind farm reliability, this paper introduced and calculated the new wind farm reliability index, its result being compared with Monte Carlo method, which verified correctness of the method mentioned to provide new thinking way for wind farm planning and grid connection operation.
        Key words: universal generating function; wind farm; reliability model

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