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±500 kV换流站极间和站间通信故障分析

来源:电工电气发布时间:2016-04-06 15:06 浏览次数:1

±500 kV换流站极间和站间通信故障分析 

国网四川省电力公司检修公司,四川 成都 610000 

摘 要:针对某换流站极间和站间通信同时发生故障问题,根据极间和站间通信的设计分析了故障原因,极间和站间通信设计不符合冗余系统相互独立的原则,RS9312板卡上电容损坏是导致故障的起因,而极间和站间通信的设计缺陷则是造成故障的主要原因。研究了极间和站间通信故障对极控系统的影响,并提出了改进措施,为避免类似故障的发生提供参考。
中图分类号:TM721.1 文献标识码:B 文章编号:1007-3175(2014)12-0039-03

Analysis of Telecommunication Faults Between Poles and Stations in �500 kV Converter Station 

TU Zhi-bo, HE Lv-lv 
Overhaul Company of State Grid Sichuan Electric Power Corporation, Chengdu 610000, China 

Abstract: Aiming at the problems of telecommunication faults between poles and stations occurring in a converter station at the same time, this paper analyzed the fault cause according to the design of telecommunication between poles and stations. There were two reasons causing faults, one was that the design of telecommunication between poles and stations wasn’t conform to the rule that redundant systems were independent of each other, the other was that the capacitance was broken in RS9312 circuit board, moreover, the design deficiency of telecommunication between poles and stations was the main reason. This paper studied the impact of telecommunication fault between poles and stations on pole control system, putting forward the corresponding improved measures which provide certain reference value for avoiding the similar fault.
           Key words:pole control system; telecommunication between poles; telecommunication between stations

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